Account Creation Process

Campaign Cleaner provides two methods for creating an account:

  1. Email and Password - A password of a minimum length of 8 characters is required, although we recommend using at least 12 characters, combining uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. All password are stored salted and one-way hashed with a high PBKDF2 iteration count.

  2. Sign in with Google - Google manages the authentication process, disclosing only your email address and account name to us. Since Google is responsible for authentication, you won’t be able to alter your password or set up TOTP 2FA through our system. However, you can make these changes within your Google account.

TOTP 2FA (Two Factor Authentication)

You have the choice to activate TOTP 2FA for enhanced security. We recommend turning this option one. You can use your favorite TOTP program like Google Authenticator, Authy, and others.

Should you initially sign up with a email/password account and later opt to use Sign In With Google, your account will be transitioned to a Google sign-in account, if the email address matches. You will no longer have the ability to log in using email and password.

If you signed in with Google and want to revoke access to Campaign Cleaner, you can do that in your google account under security -> Signing in to other sites -> Sign in with Google. Revoking access doesn’t delete your account, it will just make you grant access to Campaign Cleaner to sign in again.

Deleting your Account

You can delete your account under Account Info -> Settings.