Unsupported Images

When crafting email campaigns, the choice of image format is crucial, not only for visual appeal but also for ensuring broad compatibility across email clients. However, formats such as .avic, .tiff, .svg, .webp, .apng, and .heic often pose challenges, as they are not widely supported by mainstream email clients.

.AVIC and .TIFF files, known for their high quality and large file sizes, are often incompatible with email environments that prioritize quick loading times and data conservation. This can lead to images not being displayed at all, forcing your message to lose its intended impact.

.SVG files, while scalable and high in quality, face inconsistent support due to security concerns and the complexity of rendering scalable vector graphics in the email.

.WEBP, designed by Google for the web, offers superior compression and quality characteristics. However, its support in email clients is not universal, resulting in images that may not appear for all recipients.

.APNG files provide an alternative to GIFs with better color support and transparency. Despite their advantages, they are not yet commonly supported in email clients, which can lead to fallback issues or entirely missing animations.

.HEIC, the file format introduced by Apple, offers high-quality images at half the file size of JPEGs. Nevertheless, it’s a relatively new format and is not supported by the majority of email clients.

The lack of support for these formats can significantly impact the presentation and delivery of your emails. Not only can it lead to visual discrepancies between what you send and what the recipient sees, but it may also increase the risk of emails being marked as spam or not being delivered at all due to the unfamiliarity of the formats with email service providers.

To ensure maximum compatibility and maintain the integrity of your email’s design, it is recommended to use more universally accepted formats such as .JPEG, .PNG, and .GIF. These formats are well-recognized by most email clients and offer a balance between quality and performance, making them a safer choice for email marketing campaigns.

Unsupported Images

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