This increased scrutiny can lead to a negative evaluation of your email’s trustworthiness. As a result, there’s a higher likelihood that your email will be redirected to the spam folder, instead of reaching the intended recipient’s inbox. To maintain the credibility of your emails and ensure they are delivered effectively, it’s crucial to avoid including unsecured links which can trigger these spam filters. By prioritizing secure, HTTPS links, you enhance the perceived security and reliability of your emails, thereby reducing the risk of them being categorized as spam.

Links lacking an SSL certificate result in unencrypted data transmission between your computer and the website. The ‘S’ in HTTPS, FTPS, and similar protocols signifies Secured, indicating that these links do have SSL certificates and offer encrypted communication.

At Campaign Cleaner, we specialize in identifying unsecured links and highlighting them for you. In the Link Summary section you’ll find an entry specifically for unsecured links, accompanied by a numerical value. Should this number exceed 0, simply clicking on it will open a modal window, revealing the unsecured links detected in your content as seen below.

Unsecured Links