Why Resizing Oversized Images Is Important.

Email clients have certain limitations on the size of images they can display. Oversized images can cause problems like slow load times, image distortion, and broken formatting. This can negatively impact the user experience and reduce the effectiveness of email campaigns.

To address this issue, email marketing tools often include an Oversized Image Detection feature. This feature analyzes images within an email and identifies any that exceed the recommended size or dimensions. Once identified, the tool can either automatically resize the image or notify the user to resize it manually.

By detecting and addressing oversized images, email marketers can ensure that their emails are optimized for display on different email clients and devices. This can improve the overall user experience and increase the likelihood of achieving desired engagement metrics like opens, clicks, and conversions.

This feature is enabled by default for all paid accounts and grants you the ability to automatically resize and host the new image with us.

Below is an example of an email that was detected to have 6 images that exceeded the normal width and height for a typical email.


Clicking the the number 1 link to Oversized Images, will popup a display containing all the over sized images and their dimensions. You can also click on the Resize and Host tool, to automatically resize the image, change the hosting location, and update the Campaign HTML.


Video Overview of Classes an ID Removal

Use Case For Resizing Oversized Images.

A company sends out a newsletter to their subscribers every month. They include images in their newsletters to make them visually appealing and engaging. However, they recently noticed that some of their subscribers were experiencing slow loading times or not receiving the newsletter at all.

By implementing Oversized Image Detection, the company can now identify and resize any images in their newsletter that are too large. This not only improves the loading speed and overall user experience for their subscribers but also increases the likelihood of the newsletter being delivered to their inbox instead of being marked as spam.

Additionally, with the help of Oversized Image Detection, the company can ensure that their newsletters are optimized for all email clients and devices, including mobile devices with limited data plans or slower internet connections. This can improve their overall email marketing performance, as more subscribers will be able to access and engage with their content.