Campaign Cleaner is a software application designed to help email marketers optimize their campaigns for delivery and performance. To ensure the best experience for all of our users, we have established the following acceptable use policy. By using Campaign Cleaner, you agree to abide by these guidelines.

Compliance with the Law

You agree to comply with all local, state, and federal laws regarding the use of email marketing software. You may not use Campaign Cleaner for any illegal activity.

Prohibited Content

You may not use Campaign Cleaner to create or distribute any content that is harmful, abusive, harassing, defamatory, or obscene. Additionally, you may not create or distribute content that is fraudulent, misleading, or infringes on the intellectual property rights of others.

Email Campaigns

You may only use Campaign Cleaner to optimize email campaigns that are permission-based and contain valid email addresses. You may not use Campaign Cleaner to send spam or any unsolicited email messages.

Account Security

You are responsible for maintaining the security of your Campaign Cleaner account. You may not share your login credentials with any third party or allow any unauthorized access to your account.


You agree to use Campaign Cleaner in a manner that does not negatively impact the performance of the application or its servers. This includes but is not limited to sending excessive requests or using automated tools to access Campaign Cleaner.

User Conduct

You agree to use Campaign Cleaner in a manner that is respectful of other users. You may not engage in any activity that is disruptive or harmful to other users.

Prohibited Uses

In using our software, users agree to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, and they must not engage in activities that harm our company, software, systems, or users. Specifically, users must not:

Use our software to process, store, or transmit any information that includes personal identifiable information, financial details, health-related information, confidential business information, or any other type of information that is considered private, sensitive, confidential, or protected under applicable laws or regulations. Our software is intended solely for the purpose of processing and analyzing email campaigns that do not contain such sensitive or private information.

Use our software in a manner that violates the privacy rights, publicity rights, copyrights, contract rights, intellectual property rights, or any other rights of any person or entity.

Failure to comply with these rules represents a breach of this Acceptable Use Policy, and may result in the suspension or termination of the user’s account, legal action, and other penalties.


We reserve the right to terminate any user’s access to Campaign Cleaner for violation of this acceptable use policy. Additionally, we may terminate any account that remains inactive for an extended period of time.

By using Campaign Cleaner, you agree to abide by this acceptable use policy. We reserve the right to modify this policy at any time without notice. If you have any questions about this policy, please contact us