Do Email Clients Really Block Background Images?

Email marketing is an essential component of any digital marketing strategy. However, it’s important to understand that not all email clients display images in the same way. In particular, many popular email clients like Windows Mailand Outlook may block background images or not display them correctly. This means that email designers must take extra care to ensure that their emails display correctly on all email clients to maximize engagement and deliverability.

One way to ensure that emails display correctly is to remove background images altogether. This can help improve deliverability and engagement rates as emails with broken or missing images are more likely to be marked as spam or deleted by recipients. Additionally, background images can sometimes make emails look cluttered or distract from the main message, so removing them can help create a cleaner and more streamlined design.

Designers can still incorporate visual elements into their emails by using other design elements like colors, fonts, and graphics. By focusing on these elements and designing emails with a mobile-first approach, designers can create emails that are engaging and effective regardless of the email client used by recipients. Ultimately, the key to successful email marketing is to create emails that are visually appealing, easy to read, and contain valuable content that resonates with recipients.

The good news is most of the major ISP email clients do support background images. If you only mail Consumer addresses that support background-images feel free to use them and ignore the warnings and alerts.

Campaign Cleaner is designed to detect all instances of background images used in your email campaigns and provide you with a comprehensive list. This way, you can easily identify and make necessary adjustments to your email templates, ensuring that they render correctly across all email clients and devices. By removing background images that are not supported by certain email clients, you can improve the overall deliverability and engagement of your email campaigns, and provide a seamless experience for all of your subscribers.


If present, background images will be listed under the Unsupported Images section because not all email clients do not support them.

Currently, we don’t offer a one-click solution for hosting background images as we do for other images in your campaign. However, if you require hosting for your background images, you can upload them to the CDN within your account and replace the existing links with the new ones.

Video Overview of Background images

Background Image Removal Use Case

A real estate company regularly sends out email campaigns to its subscribers featuring properties for sale or rent. One of their recent campaigns had a background image of a beautiful beach scene, meant to evoke the idea of relaxing in a luxurious beachfront property.

However, when they sent out the campaign, they noticed a significant drop in engagement and click-through rates, particularly among subscribers who used email clients that don’t support background images.

Realizing this issue, they used Campaign Cleaner to detect and remove all background images from their email campaigns. The next campaign they sent out saw a marked increase in engagement and click-through rates, indicating that their subscribers were more likely to engage with emails that displayed properly on their devices.

Overall, by removing background images, the company was able to improve the deliverability and engagement of their email campaigns, resulting in more successful marketing efforts.