What is a Preheader?


A preheader is the short summary text that follows the subject line when an email is viewed in the inbox. Often overlooked, this snippet is actually a powerful tool that can determine whether an email gets opened. It provides recipients with a preview of the email content before they open it.

How to Use Preheader Text Effectively

  1. Complement the Subject Line: Use the preheader to expand on the subject line, giving recipients more context or adding a call to action to entice them to open the email.

  2. Keep It Short and Sweet: Most email clients display between 40 to 100 characters of preheader text, so be concise. Make sure the most important information is at the beginning.

  3. Provide Value: Tell your recipients what’s in it for them. Highlight the key benefit or offer you’re presenting in the email.

  4. Create Curiosity: Without being clickbaity, make your preheader intriguing enough that recipients want to read more.

  5. Avoid Redundancy: Don’t just repeat your subject line. Use this space to add new information or context.

  6. Test and Optimize: Like subject lines, preheader texts should be A/B tested. Find out what works best for your audience and adjust accordingly.

  7. Fill in Extra Whitespace: If you’re preheader isn’t long enough, we will automatically add in the require extra whitespace for you, to make it show probably on all email clients.

Remember, the preheader is an extension of your subject line and often the final push a recipient needs to open your email. Use it wisely to maximize your email’s impact.

Video Overview of PreHeader Management