Can Certain CDN’S really Impact My Inboxing?

When it comes to email deliverability, the content of the email itself is just one piece of the puzzle. The infrastructure supporting the email, including the use of a Content Delivery Network (CDN), can also play a role in whether or not the email reaches the intended recipient’s inbox.

A poor delivery CDN can negatively impact email deliverability in several ways. For starters, some CDNs are more likely to be flagged by spam filters and spam traps than others. If an email is sent using a CDN that has a reputation for delivering spam or malicious content, it’s more likely to be flagged as spam or even blocked entirely.

Additionally, a poorly configured CDN can cause delays or failures in email delivery. If the CDN is unable to quickly and reliably deliver the email content, it could result in delivery failures or delays that negatively impact the recipient’s experience.

By using a tool like Campaign Cleaner to detect and analyze the use of CDNs in email campaigns, businesses can identify and address potential issues that may be impacting deliverability. This could involve switching to a more reputable CDN provider or simply moving your images to our Ultra-Fast Global CDN Edge powered by Cloudflare.


Video Overview of Poor Quality CDN’s

Poor Delivery CDN Use Case

A startup that provides online training courses to professionals. The company sends regular newsletters to its subscribers to keep them updated about new courses and industry trends.

The startup uses a free CDN to host the images and videos in their newsletters. However, they start to notice that their deliverability rates are decreasing, and many of their emails are landing in the spam folder of their subscribers.

Upon analysis using Campaign Cleaner, they discover that their CDN is on a list of poor-quality CDNs known to be flagged by spam traps. They also find that some of the images in their emails are not optimized for size, leading to longer loading times and ultimately negatively affecting deliverability.

The company decides to use Campaign Cleaners CDN with a better reputation that automatically optimizing their images to reduce loading times. They also keep their text-to-image and text-to-link ratios low and ensure that their links are properly secured with SSL certificates. As a result, they see an improvement in their deliverability rates and engagement metrics. They also receive fewer complaints from subscribers about their emails not loading correctly.