Obtain a Copy of the DPA

To obtain a copy of the DPA, kindly submit a request through our contact us page.

Before entering into the DPA, we will assess the legal grounds for such an agreement. Specifically, we will seek clarification regarding the nature of the data being transmitted and whether it may include personal data.

Our software primarily focuses on cleaning and optimizing campaign data to be sent out to the public , rather than sub-processing personal data. However, we acknowledge that some of the content you share may contain personal data, which falls under GDPR requirements.

We also acknowledge we collect and store registration information which includes full name and email address.

Once the details are confirmed and the need for a DPA is established, we will customize the DPA to align with the specific type of personal data you share with us.

Therefore, when submitting your request, please specify the details of the personal data you are currently sending or planning to send to us.

You can refer to the definition of personal data to understand what falls within its scope.