Removing Large Widths On Elements In HTML

When it comes to email design, it’s important to optimize your code for performance and deliverability. One way to do this is by removing large width attributes from elements other than images and tables.

Large width attributes can cause issues with email rendering and may make your email appear distorted or broken in certain email clients. Additionally, large width attributes can increase the overall size of your email code, which can slow down load times and negatively impact deliverability.

By removing large width attributes from elements such as divs, spans, and other HTML tags, you can help ensure that your email code is lean and efficient. This can lead to faster load times and better overall performance, which can help improve engagement and increase click-through rates.

Activating Large Width Removal

This is an experimental feature of Campain Cleaner, if you use this feature be sure to check your design and ensure it looks as you intended. It’s located under advanced setttings.


Example of Large Width Removal





As you can see the width of 1000 pixels was removed because it’s over the defined 400 in the setting above.

Use Case to Remove Large Widths On Elements

ABC Corp is a software company that frequently sends out newsletters to its subscribers. They noticed that some of their emails were not rendering properly on certain devices, particularly on mobile devices. After some investigation, they realized that the issue was caused by large fixed widths that were applied to certain elements within their emails.

To address this issue, ABC Corp decided to use Campain Cleaner’s large width removal feature. They ran their latest newsletter through the tool and identified several elements with fixed widths that were larger than the campaign size. Using the tool’s interface, they were able to quickly remove these large widths and make their emails more mobile-friendly.

As a result, ABC Corp saw an increase in engagement and click-through rates from their mobile subscribers. They also received fewer complaints about their emails not rendering properly, which improved their overall deliverability and sender reputation. With Campain Cleaner’s large width removal feature, ABC Corp was able to ensure that their email campaigns were optimized for all devices and reach their audience more effectively