The “Inbox Previews” page on Campaign Cleaner offers a feature that allows users to visualize how their email campaigns will appear across various email clients and devices. This tool provides a comprehensive rendering of emails, offering real-time previews without the need to send them. It covers over 99% of the market, so you can feel confident your email look consistent and professional in different viewing environments. Additionally, users can download these previews and share them amongst your team.

By clicking on the image, you will see full length email and the download option.




Video Overview of Email Previews.

Email Inbox Previews Use Case

A travel agency specializing in European destinations faced challenges with their email marketing campaigns due to diverse client requirements and varying email client compatibilities. To address this, they turned to Campaign Cleaner’s Inbox Previews feature, which allowed them to preview and adjust their emails across a wide range of email clients and devices before sending.

Using Campaign Cleaner, the agency was able to detect and rectify issues that could potentially hinder email deliverability and reader engagement. This proactive approach not only improved the aesthetic consistency of their emails but also boosted open rates and customer interactions, significantly enhancing the overall success of their marketing campaigns.