Is Control and Non-Printable Character Removal Necessary?

Control and non-printable character removal can play a crucial role in helping improve email delivery. Non-printable characters can often appear as random, unwanted characters within an email’s HTML or plain text, which can negatively impact the email’s formatting and readability. Additionally, some email servers and spam filters may flag emails containing non-printable characters as suspicious or spammy, resulting in the email being blocked or sent to the recipient’s spam folder.

By removing non-printable characters, email senders can improve the formatting and readability of their emails, making them more appealing and engaging to the recipient. Additionally, by ensuring that their emails do not contain any suspicious or spammy elements, senders can increase the likelihood that their emails will reach the recipient’s inbox rather than being flagged as spam. Therefore, mastering the process of control and non-printable character removal can help email senders maximize the impact of their messages and improve their email deliverability.

What are Non-printable Characters?

Non-printable characters, on the other hand, are characters that do not have a visible representation in printed text. Examples of non-printable characters include the null character (ASCII code 0), the backspace character (ASCII code 8), and the escape character (ASCII code 27). Other non-printable characters include various control codes and character formatting codes used in electronic documents, such as Unicode characters that represent formatting elements like line breaks.

Video Overview of Control and Non-Printable Character

Control and Non-Printable Character Removal Use Case

ABC Marketing is a company that regularly sends out email newsletters to their subscribers. However, they have noticed that some of their subscribers are experiencing issues with the formatting and display of their emails. After investigating the issue, they discover that there are control and non-printable characters in their email templates that are causing the issues.

To address this issue, ABC Marketing decides to use a software tool such as Campaign Cleaner to automatically remove any control or non-printable characters in their email templates before sending them out. This ensures that their emails are properly formatted and free of any potential display or delivery issues.

By using a tool like Campaign Cleaner to remove control and non-printable characters, ABC Marketing is able to improve the overall readability and professionalism of their emails, which can lead to higher engagement and conversion rates. They are also able to reduce the risk of emails not displaying correctly for some subscribers, which can improve their email deliverability rates and ensure that their emails are reaching their subscribers’ inboxes instead of being marked as spam.