The Effects Of Successive Punctuation, Caps and H Tags.

When it comes to designing HTML emails, using proper punctuation, capitalization, and heading tags can have a significant impact on the deliverability and effectiveness of your email campaigns. These elements can affect how email clients and spam filters interpret your email content, and can ultimately determine whether your email lands in the inbox or the spam folder.

One common mistake in email design is the use of excessive punctuation or capitalization, such as multiple exclamation marks or all-caps text. These can trigger spam filters and make your email appear unprofessional or even manipulative. In addition, excessive punctuation or capitalization can make your email harder to read and less engaging for your audience.

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Common things that trigger spam filters:

  • Punctuation - Excessive use of …, !!!, and ???
  • Symbols - Excessive use of $$, %, and other symbols
  • Uppercase - Writing in ALL CAPS

Similarly, using heading tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.) inappropriately or excessively can also trigger spam filters and impact the deliverability of your email. Heading tags should be used to organize your email content and make it easier for readers to navigate, rather than to manipulate search engine rankings or to create visually-striking headlines.

Campaign Cleaner Detects thise conditions and provides a way to automatically fix them at a click of a button.


Video Overview of Punctuation, Caps, and H Tags

Use Case For Reducing Successive Punctuation and Caps

A clothing retailer is sending out a weekly newsletter to their subscribers with the latest fashion trends and promotions. The email includes several sections with different types of content, such as featured products, new arrivals, and a sale section. The retailer has noticed that some of their email subscribers have reported their emails as spam, and they are concerned about the impact on their deliverability rates.

Upon analyzing the email code, they discover that some of the sections have successive punctuation marks, capitalization, and H tags. For example, the featured products section has multiple H2 tags with consecutive exclamation marks in the headings, and the sale section has excessive use of capitalization and exclamation marks in the body text.

To address this issue, the retailer decides to use Campaign Cleaner to identify and remove these conditions from their email code. The tool scans the email code and flags any instances of successive punctuation, capitalization, or H tags, and provides suggestions on how to improve the email content.

By using Campaign Cleaner, the retailer is able to improve the overall quality and readability of their email content, while also minimizing the risk of their emails being flagged as spam. As a result, their email deliverability rates improve, and they are able to reach a wider audience with their promotions and offers.